Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NZ Links to Italy Art Exhibition and a talk by Dr. (Prof.) Michael Dunn

The NZ Links to Italy Art exhibition is on at Kinder House until 13 October, and on Saturday 12 October, at 2 pm, there will be a special talk by Prof. Michael Dunn. Scroll down to read more.

The Italy and Auckland cultural art exhibition is a celebration of the art work link between NZ and Italian artists that showcases the historical links of art between landscapes and historic events of both Italy and Auckland.
The art works of Peter McIntyre, Nerli, John Kinder, Robyn Hughes, Kay de Lautour Scott and Geoff Tune are displayed illustrating the past historical connections to the contemporary art works of today. In portraits and landscapes both Italy and Auckland are displayed.
Date: until 13 October
Venue: Kinder House Gallery, 2 Ayr Street. Parnell 1022
A talk by Dr. (Prof.) Michael Dunn will illustrate the historical links of both areas in both the styles and locations of the art works, from water and coastal landscapes to the WWII images of the New Zealand soldiers of the 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force. Supporters and contributors to this exhibition are the Italy Star Association Auckland, ASB Community Trust and the Auckland Dante Society.
Date: 12 October
Time: 2 pm
Venue: Kinder House Gallery, 2 Ayr Street. Parnell 1022
Cost: FREE
Booking required: No

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