Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paolo Rotondo new movie 'Orphans & Kingdoms', and help us bring a part of Italian and New Zealand history to world.

Orphans & Kingdoms 2014

Directed by Paolo Rotondo AOTEAROA
In writer/director Paolo Rotondo’s debut feature, three teenagers on the run break into a deluxe Waiheke Island home and find themselves caught in a tense psychodrama with the conflicted owner. Click here to watch the trailer.

"Il mio Film Orphans & Kingdoms farà parte del New Zealand international film festival," Says Paolo. "Il compositore e venuto dall’Italia per registrare degli stupendi pezzi classici e corali.  Quindi con un regista-sceneggiatore italiano e un compositore Italiano si potrebbe dire che il film e quasi una coproduzione."

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But there is more from this talented Italian Kiwi:

The Theatre production Strange Resting Places has been invited to represent New Zealand at the Edinburg Fringe Festival, regarded as the most important Theatre Festival in the world, and needs fundings to be able to attend. Strange Resting Places is about the meeting of Italians and the Maori Battalion in WW2, click here to watch a few extracts from this wonderful show, and if you like what to see please make a donation and help bring both theatre and an important part of Italian and New Zealand history to world.


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