Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Easter to all Dante members with this 30% discount on selected Sicilian products

To celebrate Easter Italian style our new Business Friend of Dante Italian Foodies is offering a special 30% off these delicious products from Sicily.

Sicily is famous all around the world for its beauty and rich ingredients. ​
Italian Foodies (
IF) offers for Easter authentic Sicilian products true to tradition and local craftsmanship.

IF Easter Specials include:

 Organic oil made with 100% Italian olives grown on the uncontaminated slopes of Iblei Mountain in Sicily's deep South.

"Torron​e​"or nougat, ​​inspired by the Sicilian tradition, made exclusively with Sicilian ​ingredients: sesame, pistachio and almond. All locally sourced.

 Artichoke paté, a symbol of spring in Italy! The edible thistles' powerful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are packed into this versatile paté to use on bruschetta, toast or an ideal accompaniment to barbecued and roasted meat. 

 Sweet almond cream that can be used in many different ways: mixed with yoghurt, used as a topping on your gelato, or to garnish cupcakes and biscuits.

Enjoy Easter with Italian Foodies!
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