Thursday, August 11, 2016

Embassy Film Series: Il Sole Dentro

Dear members and friends,

The 2016 Italian Embassy Film Series is on again this Friday6pm at the University of Auckland (Building: Arts 1, second floor, Lecture Theatre 220).

This is a free event and we look forward to seeing you there!

Il Sole Dentro (Bright Flight) 2012, a deeply touching film directed by Paolo Bianchini which tells the tale of two stories. 1999 – Yaguine and Fode’, two Guinean teenagers write a letter to describe the situation of all the children in their country “To their Excellencies the members and leaders of Europe”. Their plan is to deliver it by hand so they hide in the cargo compartment of a plan to Brussels. 2009 – Thabo, a teenager taken from his African village for his promising football player abilities, gets thrown out on the street once he is no longer deemed up to standard. Rocco, his training team mate, finds him and together they start their journey from Europe to Africa to return to N’Dola where Thabo’s family lives.

Parking: the Owen Glenn Building, via Grafton Rd opposite Stanley St, has five storey of parking and a flat rate from 5pm; it is very handy to the University.

Vi aspettiamo!
The Dante Team

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