Monday, March 24, 2014

CineclubDante class - 26 March

Dear members,
we would like to remind you of our cineclub class. This month we celebrate the Oscar winning film "La grande bellezza" watching another great Italian movie that won three Oscars and broke the box-office record for profits by a foreign film in the American market: La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful) directed by Roberto Benigni in 1997. Wednesday  26th of March at 1.30pm - Dante's room - in Freeman's Bay Community Centre.

Roberto Benigni plays Guido, a Jewish book seller in the Tuscan city of Arezzo in 1939.
Whit the beginning of the World War II, he and his family have to cope with racial laws against Jews that Mussolini's regime had passed.
Soon the family are placed into a concentration camp and the mood of the film changes abruptly.
Roberto Benigni, as a kind of modern Chaplin, does something really special in this film: 
to protect his son, he turns the horrors of the camp into a child's fable, a fabulous world of play, inhabited at least by one benign clown.

This is a language class, a fascinating way to improve your Italian watching and talking about the most beautiful movies of il Cinema Italiano. 
There is no need to book for this class – just turn up to watch and discuss the film with Flavia Berucci. 

CineclubDante class - 26 March - 1.30pm - Freeman's Bay Community Centre.

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