Friday, March 2, 2018

Un caffè, per piacere!

We are delighted to introduce a new friend of the Dante!
GRATO CAFE, a cute little cafe in the heart of Grey Lynn on 104 Richmond Road.

You will be welcomed by Lisa’s lovely and warm smile!
Lisa is the owner of this little gem where you can always have a good coffee, delicious homemade food and fantastic smoothies.
Our favorites are the chili fried eggs and ricotta toast (with a zing of lemon), simple and delicious, and the green smoothie with almond milk and lots of good and healthy green stuff (no sugar)!

Here is a short chat with Lisa:
Ciao Lisa, where are you from originally? Born in Auckland, my parents were from Genova and Calabria and family in Bologna.
What is your Italian most distinctive trait? Passion for food and people! The Italian fire and I am loud.
What do you like the most about Italy? The food! That the most humble and simple of dishes can be so filled with flavour and love.
When I say pasta what is the first think that comes in your mind? Pasta Napolitana covered in parmesan cheese… my happy place.
What GRATO means in Italian? GRATO is Italian for Grateful or thankful. Because there is always something to be grateful for.
Pop in, say Ciao, order your coffee in Italian and enjoy a 10% of discount!
“Un caffè, per piacere!”
104 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
Open from 7am to 2pm

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