Wednesday, December 21, 2022

RENAISSANCE: THE AGE OF GENIUS - Hunua Rooms, Aotea Centre, Auckland 4 – 29 January 2023 10am – 5pm daily


Media Release: 
From the producers of The Art of Banksy and Michelangelo – A Different View comes the most immersive exhibition of the greatest Renaissance artists ever, in one room, in Auckland this January.
Direct from Europe, Renaissance: The Age of Genius brings to life about 500 works by unparalleled Renaissance artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Sandro Botticelli, Titian and Caravaggio.
These paintings from museums worldwide will be shown using specialist multimedia projection, transporting visitors along an awe-inspiring journey through the art of the 15th and 16th Centuries.
The scale of the projection will see the artworks at roughly twice human height, thrusting viewers into the atmosphere of the paintings and offering a rare insight into what was going through the minds of these geniuses hundreds of years ago.

Mysterious La Gioconda (Mona Lisa) by da Vinci, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, flawless Madonnas by Raphael, terrifying Medusa by Caravaggio, Sistine Chapel frescoes by Michelangelo, mythological allegories, religious subjects, portraits of famous nobles and beauties of the Renaissance era – all these images will remain in everyone's memory as a unique range of impressions.

Created in the Ukraine by digital media pioneers, Front Pictures, the exhibition gives a new depth to the most famous Renaissance masterpieces by putting them in a modern immersive multimedia form while preserving the spirit of the paintings.

The Renaissance: The Age of Genius creative team sought not only to select the most famous masterpieces of the era but also to preserve the spirit of these canvases intact, giving them a new multimedia form.

New Zealand promoter Stewart Macpherson from The Stetson Group says he’s delighted to be bringing such an important exhibition to New Zealand.

“For most New Zealanders, this will be as close as they will ever get to experiencing works by the Renaissance Geniuses and we’re very proud to be able to offer this opportunity,” he says.

“We also know that from our past exhibitions, New Zealanders want to see this art up close. We’re bringing the Vatican and the Louvre to them!”

4 – 29 January 2023
10am – 5pm daily. Last entry 4pm
The multimedia sequence runs for 40 minutes.
People can come into the exhibition at any time and can stay longer if they want to see a repeat of any material.
General Admission - any day through the season.
Price pre midnight 24 December 2022 - $39*
From 25 December 2022 - $45*
Children under 12 – free (with an adult)
Purchase tickets online ( or at the Aotea Centre Box Office or at the exhibition.

*Service fees apply   

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Mercatino di Natale: grazie a tutti!

We had a wonderful Italian Xmas Market today, thank you all for coming, and thank you to our volunteers! Buone Feste a tutti!


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Mercatino di Natale - Italian Xmas Market, 17 Dicembre

Join us for our Italian Christmas Market and stock up on all your Italian gifts, Panettone, Pandoro, fine foods, decorations and much more! SATURDAY 17TH DECEMBER 10am-3pm at the Freemans Bay Community Centre (free entry!)


Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Monday, December 5, 2022

Dante Auckland's Operetta

 Wonderful evening with "L’Impresario", Mozart’s operetta adapted and directed by Matteo Telara.

👏 to our pianist David Kelly and to the actors and singers Thomas Røsholl, Te Ohorere Williams, Maeve Herd, and Matteo Telara.

After the operetta there was a refreshment, thank you to all the participants who brought food (especially Namir, who cooked a lot of food like polpette and melanzane Parmigiana!)
and Massimo's Italian cheeses for the mozzarella!

L'Operetta è stata realizzata grazie al generoso contributo della Sede Centrale della Società Dante Alighieri di Roma, che ringraziamo calorosamente!

Buon Natale a tutti!