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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Colazione di maggio Anti-Money Laundering 101 (Introduzione all'Anti-Riciclaggio di Denaro)

Special colazione in May, with Dr Giulia Dondoli talking about her work in Anti-Money Laundering

Saturday 25 May, 10am-12pm
Dante Rooms, Freemans Bay Community Centre
52 Hepburn St, Freemans Bay

If you have watched Breaking Bad or Ozark, you will know that criminals need to launder money to enjoy the profit of their crimes. To try and place their dirty money in the legal financial system, criminals use businesses as a vehicle of their transactions. 

For these reasons it is very important that businesses are aware of money laundering risks and are alert to red flags that need to be reported to the police. Dr Giulia Dondoli is an anti-money laundering specialist and has spent the past  five years helping businesses in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Island to detect and deter money laundering. 

In this presentation, Giulia talks about anti-money laundering, what it means, and how it looks like in practice.