Thursday, February 26, 2015

Special offer for Dante members and wine lovers: Italian style Pinot Gris, produced here in New Zealand!

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Cracroft Chase Vineyard in Christchurch is a destination for tourists and locals alike. At 15 minutes from the centre of the town, it’s nestled at the foot of the Port Hills, in a cul-de-sac valley that provides an ideal microclimate for growing Pinot Gris grapes.
Alessandro and Wilma Laryn immigrated from Italy in 1996, bought this lovely property, and then established the vineyard on 5 hectares (13 acres) of their land; the winery was built, and eventually after the earthquakes the Cellar Door was opened.

“We prefer to call ourselves an artisan winery, more than a boutique winery; it reflects the artisan attention with which the grapes are grown and handpicked, and how the wine is crafted”.

The summer workers and the harvest pickers are, in true Italian style, neighbours and friends. At the end of each harvest a communal picnic celebrates the season. When the work in the winery is finished, the wine is left in the tanks for at least 8 months before being bottled, and then aged in bottles for at least 3 years before release. Both vineyard and winery are certified sustainable by Sustainable New Zealand Winegrowing.

The two Pinot Gris produced at Cracroft Chase are different in style: Grey Pearl is well suited for lunch, Wood’s Edge is more for dinner. However personal taste can dictate otherwise! Both are dry, mouth filling, and have a long finish. Both have won international awards, including silver medals. They are very genuine, and will easy become a staple of your cellar or fridge!

Dante members can enjoy a 10% discount with Cracroft Chase Vineyard

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