Monday, September 30, 2019

Festival Italiano - meet the team!

Festival Italiano is the largest event organised by Società Dante Alighieri Auckland, which is an Italian language school, a society and a registered charity in NZ.

The Dante Auckland is also an important hub for the local Italian community, and all our events are open to Kiwis of all ethnic backgrounds, to connect with us and each other in a friendly environment, and also to learn about Italian culture, language and lifestyle.

At the Dante we organise Festival Italiano every year to offer the city of Auckland a little taste of Italy, and as the event grows every year so grow the number of people involved.

Click here to find out a few interesting facts about the Festival management team, and come to the event to meet the 100 or so other volunteers, Italian and New Zealanders, who make this event happen.

And remember, this is a free community event, so every visitor can also help out our volunteers and staff with a smile and a grazie, and by having a good time!

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