Friday, March 22, 2024

A colazione con... Italo Calvino!!!


On the 27th of April, for our monthly Colazione alla Dante, Professor Bruno Ferraro will talk about Italian writer Italo Calvino, assisted, as usual, by Colazione's host Matteo Telara.

A few words from Professor Ferraro: 

"I have had the honour to meet Italo Calvino in Urbino in 1982, two years before he was due to present the Norton Lectures at Harvard; he discussed them, not long before he left this planet, with Jorge Luis Borges  - who had delivered his lectures a few years earlier; they had met in Rome in 1984 and one can only fathom what the proverbial fly on the wall would have caught of their conversation. Borges from Brasil, Calvino from Cuba – yes, he was born there though San Remo was his Italian home, the pigna (pine cone) - which one meets on the way to the township - symbolizes his attachment to the Ligurian region and to “Villa Meridiana” where his parents, both botanists, taught him to appreciate plant and landscapes which, later, became such an essential part of his writings".

Looking forward to see you on the 27th of April, in Dante's rooms, at 10am.

Dante's Team