Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Special "Colazione alla Dante", 9 November

Book presentation with Jennifer Mallinson

From Taranto to Trieste
Following the 2nd NZ Division’s Italian Campaign, 1943-45

9 November, 10 am
At the Dante Alighieri Society rooms
Freemans Bay Community Centre
52 Hepburn Street, Auckland

Jennifer Mallinson, a Kiwi who’s been living in Verona for about 30 years is launching her book “From Taranto to Trieste - Following the 2nd NZ Division’s Italian Campaign, WW2 1943-45”. It’s published by Fraser Books.

This is a modern journey in the path of 2nd New Zealand Division in Italy, from its arrival in Taranto in October 1943 until disbandment after the end of the war in Europe. The author faithfully reconstructs the journey of the Division, from disembarkation in Taranto to peace-keeping in the ethnic and political hot-bed of Trieste, commenting on the landscape and social context while recalling the impressions and experiences of the soldiers as they passed through. The author also visits the four areas where the Division went into action: above the Sangro River in Abruzzo, at Cassino and in the mountains to the north, south of Arezzo and Florence in Tuscany, and across the rivers of Emilia-Romagna. The historical context (military and political) is related separately to explain and complement the story of the overall Kiwi experience.

The book is generously illustrated with detailed journey and local maps, numerous contemporary photographs, and a selection of war history photographs. The story is embellished by personal reflections, and notes on the physical and cultural environment, with interesting detours off-route to irresistible and often hidden attractions.
Two appendices provide brief descriptions of the Commonwealth War Cemeteries in Italy where New Zealanders are buried, and the Italian POW Camps where New Zealanders (from previous campaigns) transited or were held prisoner. 

Meet the Author

For those who who can’t make it to the Colazione, there is another opportunity to meet Jennifer on 7 November, at the City Central Library, at 5.30

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